Matt Chick.

You are worth what you create!

What we do

Mission – To a high level of value to anyone that I come in contact with whether it be 5 secs or 5 years. I want people to leave me feeling like they grow in the moments that we had together.

Vision – Is to have the largest real estate training facility/Program in the nation.

Goal – Help 10,000 agents make a six figure income.


“I am now coaching 35 agents on the team and another 50 in our personal coaching program. I am on a mission to help 10,000 agents change their life and make the six figure income they have always dreamed of. “

When I got into real estate in 2017, I set out on a mission to find a top team that I could join to get the information that I need to be a successful agent. The truth is I was much underwhelmed with the teams and what they offered.

Most teams focused on what I could do for them rather than how they could help me change my life. See, I was coming from a general manager role in the car business where I was managing 4 dealerships and 55 employees at any given time making decent money.

I got into real estate because my wife was putting a ton of pressure on me because I was not around enough. We had two boys at the time named Braden and Maddox and our third child Braylin was on the way. She had made a statement to me that changed my life and that was “I have raised two kids without you and don’t want to do it with a third.”

Matt has been a huge impact on my real estate career. First time I met Matt he came into the school I was at to talk about the team he runs and his personality definitely meshed with how I am. First meeting to talk about what I wanted to achieve and how he could help me. First word out of his mouth was F$#% and immediately said sorry and I told him don't be I like people who are authentic. If it wasn't for Matt constantly pushing and motivating me to blow up my business I wouldn't have the success I have today. Excuses don't exist in Matt's world and so many people need to overcome objections which Matt is an expert in. I could go on forever with examples of what a great coach Matt is but one conversation with him and you will see for yourself. Coach, mentor, father, husband, friend, Realtor Matt wears so many hats, but to see him wear them with 100% what he has is why I will keep him by my side for my whole career.
Justin Mercer
The Tattooed Realtor
When me and Matt first crossed paths I was about 1 year into my career. I had done 12 deals but wanted more. As most new agents do, I thought I had it figured out. Little did I know the true potential of slinging real estate. In the last 18 months I've plugged into Matts teachings and philosophies I've done over 70 transactions. He unlocked a very limiting belief in myself and my beliefs. I would highly recommend Matt to anybody who wants to unlock their true potential.
Jeremy Fuhst

Our Achievements

– 9 million in sales volume first year
– 350 homes sold in 2 years as a team
– Team production of 38.5 million first year
– Team Production 65 million second year
– Total of 75 agents in coaching program
– 16% of agents have grossed over 100K.
– Top 1% of all agents in the valley.
– more to come.